RecycleBIM Month 24 bi-annual meeting

2024, May 06

The RecycleBIM Consortium convened its fourth bi-annual general meeting of 2024 on May 6th, commemorating two years since the project’s start. This milestone offered a platform for consortium members to assess the project’s progress and enhance collaboration among participating entities.

The project is on track with its objectives, with new scientific goals actively under development. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team of professionals and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of all RecycleBIM members and partners to the project’s evolution.

The meeting agenda featured the following key discussions:

  • Updates on project advancements
  • Evaluation of completed deliverables and upcoming milestones
  • Presentation of achievements by each Work Package (WP)
  • Analysis and discussion of obtained results
  • Coordination of efforts across WPs for forthcoming months
  • Determination of the next Consortium meeting date

The gathering exemplified the consortium’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability within the construction industry.