RecycleBIM Month 18 bi-annual meeting

2023, Oct 16

The RecycleBIM Consortium recently conducted its second bi-annual general meeting for the year 2023 on October 16th and 17th in Carboneras, Almeria, Spain. This gathering provided an opportunity for all consortium members to convene in person, evaluate the project’s advancements, and foster collaboration among all participating groups.

The meeting marked the conclusion of the 18th month. It was a pivotal moment to underscore collaboration between the various WP teams and to cross-reference information on the work carried out. Consequently, several follow-up meetings between groups were scheduled to foster teamwork.

The meeting was located within a complex currently undergoing demolition in manage by our partner company, Lezama, that provided us a visit with the chance to explore various buildings, including a power plant, in the process of demolition. This firsthand experience allowed us to gain valuable insights into their operations, igniting fresh ideas to implement in our project.

In summary, this meeting not only provided a platform to present the latest developments within the WP’s but also facilitated strategic discussions regarding future endeavours aimed at meeting deadlines and achieving optimal outcomes.

The meeting agenda encompassed the following topics:

  • Project updates
  • Introduction of project news
  • Evaluation of accomplished deliverables and impending milestones
  • Presentation of work accomplished by each WP
  • Discussion of the results obtained
  • Coordination of work among WPs for the upcoming months
  • Visit to several buildings to be demolished, including a power plant
  • Determination of the next physical Consortium meeting