RecycleBIM 1st Year Annual meeting

2023, Mar 24

The ReycleBIM Consortium just held its 2023 first bi-annual general meeting on March 24th! The meeting enabled all members to meet remotely and draw conclusions about the progress of the project, while promoting collaboration between all groups.

The meeting marked the milestone corresponding to the end of the 1st year. The Consortium also welcomed the new members of the teams that joined the project meanwhile. It was also an important moment to emphasize the interaction between the teams of each WP to the point of understanding how to better articulate information between themselves. As a result, several follow-up meetings between groups were scheduled to promote collaborative work!

Overall, this meeting allowed not only to present the most recent developments of the Work Packages, but also to deliberate strategies for the future in order to keep the work within the deadlines and to obtain the best possible results.

The agenda of the Meeting was as follows:

  • News about the project
  • Introduction of the new team members
  • Assessment of the deliverables and milestones achieved and the ones that are near to be achieved
  • Presentation of the work developed by each WP
  • Discussion of obtained results
  • Articulation of work between WPs for the future months
  • Definition of the next physical meeting of the Consortium, which will be a physical meeting held in October 2023 in Almeria, Spain, and will be organized by the Consortium partner Lezama! —