RecycleBIM Kick-off meeting

2022, May 04

The kick-off meeting of the RecycleBIM project took place this Monday, 05/02/22, through an online session with the Consortium Members, and was focused on the following aspects:

  • Introduction of the Consortium Members;
  • Updates of the beneficiary partners on the local kick-start;
  • Deliberation towards the data sharing solution to be used;
  • Deliberation towards the communication strategy to be implemented;
  • Evaluation of the initial milestones, deliverables and tasks, with special attention to the deliverables up the twelfth month of the project;
  • Scheduling of the 1st presential meeting.
  • Regarding the data sharing and communication solution, the choice was to use USBIM, which is a BIM management system developed by ACCA, that allows the storage of documents and collaboration between users in a project.

In addition, it was informed that the consortium was completely signed, allowing ACCA to deploy project initiation.